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Experts in California BPPE approvals, exemptions, and accreditation issues. 

While state licensing and regulatory requirements vary widely, navigating compliance can be time-consuming. Each situation is distinct, and there is no universal remedy. Our team of specialists is situated in California and comprehensively understands the BPPE. We personalize our guidance and solutions to match the particular requirements of our clients.

If you are looking to place your school outside of California, we have experience with other states such as Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Mississippi, and more.

You will require a license, approval, or exemption from a state government to create a non-degree-granting institution, degree-granting institution, or private post-secondary vocational school. Our staff specializes in aiding clients with the preparation of complex and challenging applications and the application for and receipt of funding for their programs or institutions.

We provide reasonable choices if you dream of running a certificate-only or degree-granting school. We can assist you in opening your California school within 30 days. We can facilitate the purchase of an established institution or university if you are interested.

Our team’s extensive post-secondary education offers us an edge as industry specialists. We have a comprehensive comprehension of regulatory standards. We can assist our clients in opening new schools (including online universities, vocational schools, and ESL schools), expanding their current operations, complying with education standards, locating international partners, and establishing responsible institutions by providing appropriate solutions.

In addition, we give support with BPPE compliance issues that may arise. As BPPE consultants, we assist our clients in times of need in achieving the best possible conclusion.

Our team is well-versed in the institutional accreditation criteria of numerous organizations, such as ACICS, TRACS, SACOCS, ACCET, WASC, and others if you are ready for accreditation. We are familiar with programmatic and worldwide accreditors, such as ASIC, AAC, and others. Permit us to direct you toward the optimal course of action and aid you in achieving the accreditors’ requirements.

Consider that you are interested in issuing student visas and enrolling international students. Our team knows the SEVP application procedure, including F-1 and M-1 visas, CPT, and OPT. We can assist you in navigating the numerous methods to guarantee that your institution complies with all legislation.


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Management Team

Roy Virgen Jr. Ph.D.(abd)

Chief Executive Officer

Roy is a highly accomplished and experienced higher education professional with a proven track record of successfully saving schools facing closure, loss of licensing, and loss of accreditation. With over 13 years of experience in higher education, he brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to his work.

In addition to his work in education, Roy has a long and successful track record in the corporate sector, having worked for companies such as UPS, Macy’s, and Prudential. He specializes in strategic planning, acquisitions, restructuring, BPPE preparation, and marketing.

Roy is completing a PhD in Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands and holds an MBA from the University of La Verne. He also serves as a faculty member for several outstanding institutions, including Mt San Antonio College, California State University Long Beach, Cal State San Bernadino, Cal State Los Angeles, Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine, and UC Riverside.

Furthermore, Roy has had the pleasure of teaching and consulting abroad, having spent six years living and working in Vietnam and partnering with multiple organizations in Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia. His global experiences have allowed him to bring a unique perspective to his work and engage with diverse audiences.

With his extensive experience and expertise in education, business, and international work, Roy is uniquely qualified to provide strategic leadership and guidance to organizations facing complex challenges and opportunities.


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Dr. Michael Kahler

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Kahler is a highly educated and accomplished individual with a wealth of experience in higher education and beyond. He holds a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, a Master’s degree in education, and a Master’s in International Relations from Cal State University.

With over ten years of experience in higher education, Dr. Kahler specializes in partner communication, management, and teacher training. He demonstrated the ability to develop and implement successful strategies that foster collaboration, build strong relationships, and promote organizational success.

In addition to his work in higher Education, Dr. Kahler oversees a non-profit ministry focused on helping needy individuals. He is also involved in entertainment ventures involving boxing and music, demonstrating diverse interests and talents.

With his extensive education, experience, and commitment to helping others, Dr. Kahler is a dynamic and accomplished individual who is well-equipped to impact various settings positively.

Dr. Amanda Kenderes

Executive Vice President of Compliance

Dr. Amanda Kenderes is a highly educated and experienced professional in higher education. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California Los Angeles and a Doctor of Business Administration, demonstrating her commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

With over seven years of experience in higher education, Dr. Kenderes specializes in state compliance, accreditation, and curriculum. Her expertise in these areas has allowed her to navigate complex regulatory landscapes effectively and develop effective strategies for promoting academic excellence and institutional success.

In addition to her work in higher education, Dr. Kenderes often serves as the on-site manager for consultations that involve higher levels of oversight and more profound assistance in accreditation. Her ability to manage and coordinate these consultations has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and partner in institutional improvement.

With her advanced education, deep expertise, and commitment to excellence, Dr. Kenderes is a dynamic and influential higher education leader dedicated to helping institutions achieve their goals and promote academic success.


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Administrative Staff

James Powell, MBA

Specialties: Accreditation meetings, finances.

Michelle Hong, BA

Specialties: Records compliance and immigration.

Carena Aguirre, JD

Specialties: Legal issues, short course curriculum development.

Guy Langvardt, PhD

Specialties: Business Curricula, Business Development

Loretta Karwa, MBA

Administrative Assistant

Erik Castillo, AA

Specialties: IT

Christina Baker, PhD

Specialties: Syllabus Development, ESL programs

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