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Experts in California BPPE approvals, exemptions, and accreditation issues. 

While state licensing and regulatory requirements vary widely, navigating compliance can be time-consuming. Each situation is distinct, and there is no universal remedy. Our team of specialists is situated in California and comprehensively understands the BPPE. We personalize our guidance and solutions to match the particular requirements of our clients.

If you are looking to place your school outside of California, we have experience with other states such as Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Mississippi, and more.

You will require a license, approval, or exemption from a state government to create a non-degree-granting institution, degree-granting institution, or private post-secondary vocational school. Our staff specializes in aiding clients with the preparation of complex and challenging applications and the application for and receipt of funding for their programs or institutions.

We provide reasonable choices if you dream of running a certificate-only or degree-granting school. We can assist you in opening your California school within 30 days. We can facilitate the purchase of an established institution or university if you are interested.

Our team’s extensive post-secondary education offers us an edge as industry specialists. We have a comprehensive comprehension of regulatory standards. We can assist our clients in opening new schools (including online universities, vocational schools, and ESL schools), expanding their current operations, complying with education standards, locating international partners, and establishing responsible institutions by providing appropriate solutions.

In addition, we give support with BPPE compliance issues that may arise. As BPPE consultants, we assist our clients in times of need in achieving the best possible conclusion.

Our team is well-versed in the institutional accreditation criteria of numerous organizations, such as ACICS, TRACS, SACOCS, ACCET, WASC, and others if you are ready for accreditation. We are familiar with programmatic and worldwide accreditors, such as ASIC, AAC, and others. Permit us to direct you toward the optimal course of action and aid you in achieving the accreditors’ requirements.

Consider that you are interested in issuing student visas and enrolling international students. Our team knows the SEVP application procedure, including F-1 and M-1 visas, CPT, and OPT. We can assist you in navigating the numerous methods to guarantee that your institution complies with all legislation.

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